El Salvador - Finca Bosque Lya

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El Salvador - Finca Bosque Lya


Breathtakingly beautiful, Finca Bosque Lya was named after founder Gustavo Vides Valdes daughter in 1932, with ‘Bosque Lya’ translating to ‘Lya’s forest’. The estate is just short of 100 hectares in size of which nearly a third is retained as a natural rainforest which provides much shade for the remaining land that is farmed for coffee, as well as providing natural habitat for the indigenous wildcats and hummingbirds.  Nearly a century later, the estate and its prized coffee, gained worldwide recognition after claiming first prize at the Cup of Excellence.

Bourbon is the most prevalent variety grown– mainly red, but there is a little orange and yellow too. Other varieties are grown for experimentation and diversity and these include pacamara, caturra and typica. A sassy combination of red berries, tea rose and a chocolate finish, a hands in the air, full throttle cup, perfect for Pour Over or French Press.

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