Peru – Gonzalo


Peru – Gonzalo


Gonzalo Chocan is a young producer, he is a third generation coffee grower and he has been managing his family farm, El Frutal, for the last five years. Gonzalo is able to grow and process outstanding coffees due to the attention to details that he dedicate to the processes on the farm, including building solar driers and raised beds to process coffee both washed and natural. The farm is only one hectare in size and most of the farm and therefore the coffee plants is in the shade of the native forest and fruit trees that Gonzalos grandfather has been planting as soon as he purchased this piece of land, hence the name El Frutal. This lot it has been processed as natural, and to avoid issues the drying has been done inside the solar drier and the cherries had been placed on the raised beds and turned every two hours for a period of 25 days.

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